Thursday, August 6, 2009

Typhoon Day?

We learned tonight at dinner (Thai again by the way, excellent) that school is canceled tomorrow for the typhoon, which means I don’t need to go in to learn about, and help with, the admissions process for our school. We’ll see how bad it gets; I’m actually excited to see what happens. Also at dinner we met the returning teachers, two of which are our assigned “buddies” who are super helpful.

Jeremiah made a list the other day, and I think I will follow suite:

-My glasses fog up when I leave an air-conditioned building and go outside
-Sometimes, despite it being warm and muggy outside, I am cold inside because of the ac
-There are some awesome animal sounds I can hear from my office
-I love Jeremiah’s ability to (try to) talk to anyone here when I’m too afraid
-I really don’t mind living with no furniture. Our bed is our couch, table, chairs, etc.
-I like the idea of living with a gecko but still really like to know what room he is in and will search him out every time we come home.
-Everyone here, the Taiwanese people and the school staff, are unbelievably nice and helpful.
-The man who works the evening shift downstairs gave us a map of vegetarian places we could eat and wrote the characters for us to show that mean “no animal”. His name is Thomas (a name he gave himself on the spot because he knew we wouldn’t understand his Chinese name).

It’s raining pretty hard right now. I think I will read some, or maybe we’ll watch some Seinfeld, and then go to bed. Tomorrow we get to sleep in, though I’m sure 6am will roll around and we will be awake.

(PS We posted two times today. Jeremiah's is new below this post too.)


  1. Hi! Are you watching Seinfeld on DVD or do you have some great secret web source? I was using a website but it got shut down...

    Welcome to Taichung! I tried to comment a couple days ago but some error happened on my end (I think) and it wouldn't post.

    James and I hope you are settling in well! Let's see how this typhoon goes... The wind is starting now...

  2. I'm so happy to be reading your blog! Just discovered it and have been having too much fun catching up. Sounds like your adventures are off to an exciting, funny, curious start. :) Thinking of you both often. Love your stories, insight, and appreciation for a new and different life. And I love you! Miss you... better keep up the awesome sharing!
    Tara Magnolia

  3. here's a site that should help you adjust to living in TW. also, tips at meals are not accepted, with the few exceptions, such as hotel restaurants and touristy places like Din Tai Fung.

  4. Glad to hear from you, Allison! The couple of times I have chatted with Jeremiah, he keeps saying how well you are adapting to being over there. Keep up the posts, I can't wait to hear more!

  5. i don't know if you guys were there for the stupid guy who compared my blog to michael turton to point out all the reasons why i suck, but i do not recommend him. :)
    YAYYY typhoon day!!

  6. I have finally made it to a computer with internet to read your blog. I only had a chance to skim it but will go back and read again (and again) when I get back to Oregon. I love hearing all the details that enable me to see and feel your experiences. As you might imagine, I LOVE that you adopted Brian and are peacefully co-existing with grace and humor. Love you both so much~ Mom

  7. And, yes Allison, I agree with Heather~ your toes look beautiful! Miss you both- love mom

  8. i LOVE reading your blog! your list was great. getting to read about your days there helps at times make it feel like you two aren't so darn far away. i go back and forth being sad you're not in OR but then also happy for you two being on a fun adventure (knowing you'll be back to visit soon.) i miss you both a ton! hopefully catch you on skype soon :) love you