Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Friend or Foe?

Sometimes I walk into my office and there are some critters who have decided maybe they need some counseling. So far, none have been too terrible (though the big black beetle that was stuck upside down did creep me out a little and I had Jeremiah deal with it for me. The cleaning lady who walked in on this process I'm sure now thinks I am a wimp). Here are some pictures I've taken with my phone the last couple days:

I've been feeling pretty lucky not seeing any super gross bugs, and believe me, I check before I walk into a room. I'm still feeling good, though a little more cautious after this experience: When we went to the movies the other day and I bought that cute shirt I brought it home in this bag. I took the shirt out when I got home but left all the receipts sitting in there.
Jeremiah went to pull the receipts out a couple days later and this is what he found:
And a close up just so you know what we're dealing with here:
Super gross uh? I'm hoping he hitched a ride from the mall and didn't actually come from our apartment. You'll know if I run into a live one and most definitely if I accidently come in direct contact with one; you will hear me scream from where ever you read this blog!


  1. Gross! Allison, I don't blame you for being cautious-those all look gross and really big!!! Especially this giant thing from your shopping bag.

  2. I'll trade you the Gecko for the GIANT slug I found clinging to my front screen door the other night, though you can keep the friend in the shopping bag!!

    Love reading the blog!

  3. Awesome Urban Entomology!

    蟲 = chong ("rising tone" a.k.a. "second tone") = worm or insect

  4. YUCKY!! Allison... that bug from you bag is terrible and looks super crunchy. Although I am happy he wasn't on his legs and crawling around. ICK. Hope you don't find any more!!

    LOVE YOUR BLOG - you and J are doing a great job keeping us all posted. Love it!

  5. Oh honey~ these creatures are nothing compared to the HUGE scary creepy crawlie things you can find in Texas. But, just the same, regardless of size, these little creatures can be unsettling when they surprise you! Glad you have your phone to record your sightings!

    Miss you both~