Monday, August 31, 2009

tiny little stories and a more pics than you actually want (or need)

um... what is it and how much do i owe you? and thanks for overcharging me.

-taxi cab confessional-
on friday we got rearended in a taxi. sitting at the light, showing allison something on her iphone (yes, i use it anytime i can get my paws on it) and then we were both moving in slow-mo towards the front of the cab, both not knowing what was happening. then we slammed back into our seats. for a split second i thought it was one of the biggest earthquakes ever (like, dinosaur killer earthquake), but it just ended up being an 18 year old kids with three of his friends. he was extremely apologetic, and kept grabbing my arm saying "my fault, my fault." our cab driver did the cab driver type thing and hopped out of the car, grabbing his neck. if he were playing charades, we would have been yelling, "fake neck injury! i got it, fake neck injury!!!" they exchanged information (and money, i think), and then we left. i wanted to say, "um... what if my back is broken tomorrow, who do i get money from?" but i knew it was pointless. just to make myself feel better, i took a picture of the cab driver's license plate. oh, and he charged us $120 NT instead of the $140 NT he should have. he was so kind to us.

-ikea with two ladies-
getting on the HSR (and representing nossa familia. if you're in portland, support a local business and try their coffee. it is great. it ages well too, right jason?)

allison and i headed up to ikea with one of our (swanky) friends from school on the HSR. that thing is fast. the only problem is, that you're going so fast, you go under a tunnel every three seconds, so it disrupts anything you're trying to upload or send. we left at 10:00am and got back at 6pm, but it felt like we spent three days there. i think we ended up walking through it twice because we didn't know where we were, but we did end up getting a few things and we're having it delivered for $90 US. when we had lunch there, it took us five minutes to find a table, but we ended up getting a huuuge table with a few extra seats. we played a little game called, "scare as many taiwanese people as we can" by asking if they wanted to sit at our table with us. most of them would shake their heads no, and continue to keep looking. eventually we ended up finding a desperate family of three. we made inappropriate jokes (not about them) until we realized the kids probably spoke english and were translating exactly what we were saying to their mommy. oh yeah, also, we were waiting for the elevator and some lil old granny is hanging out waiting and just let a huge burp rip, wiped her mouth, and boarded the elevator. we died.

one of allison's new shirts

-fun at fengjia-
we hit up fengjia night market on friday (supposedly the biggest one on the island), and had a great time. we bought three shirts, all really cheap. it was kind of weird (and gross) seeing every part of any animal ever. the innards of some of the fowls are pretty gross and whole squid on a stick make the stomach turn. we don't even know if we were in the main part of the night market, but it was still really crowded and you had someone touching you from all sides, so it felt like we experienced a night market (and a whole lot more!). we're hoping to go to the one near us this saturday if all goes as planned.

doesn't quite do it justice, but there were lot of people there

potato-ish scalliony cakes


heading home

  • hoping to play ultimate frisbee tuesdays and fridays (yes, i'm using bullets)
  • started running more than 2 miles every other day
  • allison joined a gym (california fitness!)
  • i hate hdmi (sound just stopped working)
  • went and watched a friend run the duathlon (which, up until now, i thought was spelled dual-ath-a-lon for some reason). and by watch, i mean, hang out with allison and his wife and wish we'd eaten breakfast and that they'd give us one of those damn ice concoctions and then watch him entertain us with jumps, waves, and ballet moves during transitions and at the finish line.
  • waking up at 4:00am to watch the beavs play psu (fortunately, not the nittany lions this year) this sunday (my time) and will be rooting for the broncos on the blue turf this thursday as they take on the ucks
  • took part in an online draft during lunch break. good times.
-random pictures-

taichung at night

street at night

underground sidewalk (formerly called a tunnel)

for all you dog lovers out there

alright. back to watching allison play mario kart wiiiiiiii.

ps i'll be watching you


  1. I'm sorry if that last picture haunts you, this is what I live with every day

  2. whoa. we're commenting on our own post, even though we're in the same room tell each other what we're saying. this is awkward.

  3. you two are weird. :) love the bullets. have you had the watermelon smoothies at the night markets?

  4. p.s. good news: you can make up to EIGHTY SEVEN THOUUSAND DOLLARS in taiwan before the US can take any of it.

  5. Great photos. Can't wait to hear about your Chinese learning experiences!

    oh and... That dog-pic beat your eye-pic as the creepiest photo in the post.

  6. Was that a real dog? It looks fake *laughing*

    And yes that I'll be watching you photo may haunt me for a bit.

    Go Beavs

  7. nice charades analogy.
    good use of the word swanky.
    cute shirt allison!
    maybe we can play wii if you're up for it after the os game and if ours is working by then. :)
    love and miss you both!

  8. I am definitely taking my camera out with me today. I need more photos in ye olde bloggie!