Tuesday, January 27, 2009

no new news

so... been emailing the director of a school in taiwan.  director  seems very nice.

we're hopeful and optimistic that we'll get the job in taiwan. every once in a while we'll be talking to someone and i'll say, 'when we go to taiwan,' and then i have to take it back and say i was kidding or that i got caught up in thinking about it.

tonight we're going to go through the job postings and find other schools that have openings for both of us and try to set up interviews for san francisco job fair.

alright. goodbye diary.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

skype #1

had our first interview of the season on jan 19th through in taiwan. lasted for about 40 minutes and was basically an informal talk that went very well. allison talked about 75% of the time, which was fun because i was able to say stuff under my breath to her and try and make her laugh a bit. set up an interview in san francisco on feb 8, so hopefully that one goes well too. we're continuing to email other schools, but that has proved to be as useful as making cold calls for psu and trying to find people that will host exchange students (been there, done that).

back to work.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

hey (first post and allison doesn't know!)

ok... allison doesn't know i started this... but i figured that since we're going to be teaching abroad next year (hopefully), it'd be fun to get a blog going. she would probably tell me that 'she doesn't want to get excited just yet,' but i like blogs and if we don't get a job for next year, then i won't even tell her i started this. actually... no one will know, so basically i'm writing this to myself until we get a job. fun times! dear diary... we have our first 'interview' on sunday 1/19 with a school in taichung, taiwan and we're both pretty nervous and excited.