Monday, June 24, 2013

East coast tour

A conference in DC has brought us to the east coast this summer and while we're here we're hitting up family in DC, a quick detour through New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire.  We're in New York now and today Tegan ran from display to display at FAO Schwartz saying "wooow".

Cape May, New Jersey

Sidewalks good enough for a stroller!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Long layover in Dubai

I love the culture shock of coming home.  Even better this year is watching Tegan's culture shock.  Some of the things that have gotten us this time around:

-drinking from the tap!
-eating fruits and veggies uncooked and not peeled without soaking and cleaning - and not still worrying about what is still living on it despite all the precautions
-hot water from the sink (and the shower, 100% of the time!)
-shopping carts - what a fun discovery for little miss (at one point today we used four different ones: T sized, normal, mini, and one with a plastic car hooked to it)
-driving - we both did it for the first time since Christmas break, luckily for my mother-in-law's car it's just like riding a bike
-bread, cheese, mexican food, and beer (for J)
-so much English, Tegan is picking up words left and right
-fall weather in June

Monday, June 3, 2013

Round 2

Pretty sure the last time we had so much dead air here was around the time we announced this.  I have an equally good reason to not be blogging this time around too - we're preparing for Oh, Baby O.2!  Baby is due beginning of December and we couldn't be more excited!

So, what have we been up to?  I had a bit of a hiatus there where I was too tired and sick to do much other than play with Tegan from the couch - she's a trooper.  Jeremiah hiked Annapurna Base Camp, no big deal.  I'm hoping he'll write a bit of it here, we'll see, at the very least share some of the pictures.  Warm weather has come, as well as some crazy monsoon rains.  Rain means more electricity though so I'm all for it.  We've also been wrapping up the school year; at the end of the week we fly home for what I'm sure will be a fun-filled summer!