Friday, June 14, 2013


Long layover in Dubai

I love the culture shock of coming home.  Even better this year is watching Tegan's culture shock.  Some of the things that have gotten us this time around:

-drinking from the tap!
-eating fruits and veggies uncooked and not peeled without soaking and cleaning - and not still worrying about what is still living on it despite all the precautions
-hot water from the sink (and the shower, 100% of the time!)
-shopping carts - what a fun discovery for little miss (at one point today we used four different ones: T sized, normal, mini, and one with a plastic car hooked to it)
-driving - we both did it for the first time since Christmas break, luckily for my mother-in-law's car it's just like riding a bike
-bread, cheese, mexican food, and beer (for J)
-so much English, Tegan is picking up words left and right
-fall weather in June

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