Wednesday, August 5, 2009

See what we see

Just a few pictures we've taken so far. Today we are at school with a little time to work in our classrooms (or office in my case) so I took the opportunity to use a good internet connection to upload these photos. We're having a really wonderful time so far and have gotten a lot of help from the school to get set up. Thanks for all the comments and emails... I will be better at responding in the weeks to come when we get our ARC (alien resident cards) and can then get internet and phones. They told us the staff can skype from school, after the school day is over, so we will get that figured out too.

On our way to our apartment from the airport

Apartment from the outside

The courtyard we walk through to get to our part of the building

Our apartment!

Cleaning - most of the apartment was very clean, though there is a funky smell coming from down there.

Main road near our apartment


  1. how lucky you have a ching xin tea shop right down the street! it's the one with the smiling heart.

    you can get a phone without your ARC, it just may take a few shops before you find one that will just do it with a passport. you can mix companies and it's ok. my phone is from far east tone but my SIM card is from my phone. you can buy minutes at 7-11.

  2. Hi Allison and Jeremiah,
    I have been reading your blog.......It's great fun. Jeremiah you have missed your calling, you should write a book and Allison can proof it for you.........Just kidding. Your dad is off on his adventure to Wyoming with Joel and Mark. Lois and I are single and we will celebrate while there gone. Girl things you know. Tomorow is the Taste of Bend. Food, wine and stuff to buy. They will be sorry they left us alone. Ca ching, Ca ching.

    We will miss you both on our trip to Glacier and Waterton National Park in Canada. I will take pictures just in case we see a grizzly bear. I have heard there are lots.

    I'm glad you survived the typhoon. I have been through a hurricane, so I know how crazy it must have been with the wind and rain. Sounds as if it rains alot....but the people are very nice. You should of played the game of Charades before you left. It looks like it comes in handy....I bet your feeling really tall about right now with all the small Tawinese people......Pardon my spelling, I just learning the lingo.

    Well we are back to work.........We miss you both. Love Di