Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Couch, a Car, and I Feel Better!

This weekend, after a debacle with the internet and tv hookup in which the installer tried to tell us our bill was going to be much higher than the quoted price, we set out to find both a couch and a car. Up until this point we have been uncomfortably watching Seinfeld on the hard ground with a few pillows and getting a ride to and from work from another teacher with an occasional taxi ride for other outings. None of it too terrible, but having just these two things I knew would make me feel much more at home. So, our friends came and picked us up on Saturday, and out we went. We quickly found a simple and modern looking couch, loveseat and chair set (that was super cheap). To this we will later add some funkier stuff, but for now it’s good to have a place to sit and write this post.

For the car, we drove around awhile on the lookout for a Nissan March, stopping at each decent one to ask about price and whatnot. I actually stayed in the car for almost all of this mission – Not knowing much about cars or Chinese and the fact that I don’t like to haggle over prices meant I was better fit to stay in the car and entertain the 6 year old we had with us. After looking at a number of cars we went back to the first one we saw, which was actually a Nissan Verita. The 6 year old and I hung out and tried to get Franklin to play in her car’s dvd player while everyone else went inside. Jeremiah may have more details about the goings on in the room, but eventually we had agreed to buy the car and can get it Monday afternoon. I am so excited (and a little nervous) to drive it!

PS I’m not sure if we posted this yet or not but we won’t be talking about school on this blog for a number of reasons, but if you’d like to know more about it shoot us an email and we’ll fill you in. I will say this though, I have been eaten alive by little mosquitoes up there so will have to up the ante on the bug repellent.


  1. So happy you have a couch and a car! And, Allison, good move by you to spend time with cute 6 year old while they did the car wheeling and dealing! I love seeing you both on your new furniture! I really look forward to reading your blog~ so don't skip too many days in between! Love you both~ mom

  2. Jeremiah (and Allison),
    This is Shawn Diez, from Gordon Russell (formerly). I was the school counselor there with Linda Eby and worked with Jeremiah's dad. I found out about your move and this blog through Jim Ryan's blog. How exciting (and a bit overwhelmning) to be starting this adventure in Tawain! So, I was curious about how you got the job there, with what organization and more specificially, Allison, I remember you were a school counselor and I wondered if you were working in that field in Tawain? Lots of questions because my wife and I would love to live abroad with our girls, hopefully within the next 4-5 years but want to know how to land a school counseling job, or if that's possible. My email is if you get a chance in between finding furniture and a fridge to drop me a note with some details. I look forward to reading about your journey this year. Is is one year or two commitment? Take care and glad you're safe after the Typhoon.

  3. Hey, do you have Jim Ryan's blog address? Would you send it to me?
    Thanks so much.
    mom xxoo

  4. Man, that car is AWESOME! Why don't we have the awesome cars in the USA?! The couches look pretty sweet too! Hooray for the little things that seem to become the things that matter! Good luck at school in the morning, you guys are going to be doing great!

  5. Hi! Just read all your posts! Car looks great! Looks like things are coming together! Thanks for the call on Skype. I'll have to set up an account. I have a camera, so we'll both be able to see each other. Okay, love you both lots. Talk to you soon.


  6. Your apartment there is already way nicer than mine here. I suck!