Sunday, August 2, 2009

Travel Day

We’re sitting at SFO right now waiting for our flight. Today has been long and we are tired. We started with a knock on our door at 4am so Jeremiah could take his parents to the airport. With some last minute errands and packing to do, we were busy right up until we left for the airport around 4pm.

We checked our bags with no problems in Portland, nothing was overweight! However, when we got to San Francisco we learned EVA airlines has different carry-on requirements so we ended up having to check 2 more bags, though it only ended up costing us another $60 - a small price to pay for all the weight we had in them

We had some hard good-byes today; I think I took them harder than Jeremiah. He keeps reminding me, and everyone else, we will be back in December. I am thankful we have access to the technology that we do so the distance won't seem quite so far and just like in the States, if I need to call my mom I can still do that (though I may wake her up in the middle of the night to do it... somehow I don't think she'll mind!)

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