Thursday, January 30, 2014

15 facts about our house

1. Our bedroom door has a peep hole.

2. We know we're load shedding when we open the fridge and the light doesn't come on.

3. Every armoire and drawer has a lock and key.

4. Last year we had to go outside and turn on our water pump each day to fill our water tank then listen for the over-flow and run out to turn it off. This year we have an automatic pump that turns on and off by itself. Love it!

5. Our washing machine is in the bathroom and a hose runs across the room into a drain in the floor.

6. You know it's garbage pick-up day when a man walks down the street blowing a whistle. Who knows where the garbage goes.

7. We have a gas stove and water heater (that heats only our shower) and the gas comes from tanks we replace when empty.

8. We have 7 dressers, one for every room in the house.

9. On the roof we have a solar heater for water (the only source of hot water at all taps except the master bathroom shower). It's a bunch of tubing that holds water and is warmed by the sun.

10. Each bedroom, 4 of them, has their own bathrooms.

11. Many of our wall light fixtures are meant to be outside, and most of them are mounted upside down.

12. Rope is strung in the top floor bedroom to hang dry clothes - no driers here - for when the weather isn't nice enough to hang outside.

13. We keep bottled water by our bathroom sink to brush our teeth.

14. We have no tv.

15. We have great internet.



  1. ...and I thought my flat in Prague had quirks :) We got a TV with ours, but don't use it; can't understand it!

  2. Thank you for sharing! We are inspired by your journey and look forward to reading more of the blog.