Friday, January 17, 2014

Staying warm inside: Poler Napsack

December-February brings such a chill in the mornings and evenings that houses, with no heating, stay cold all day.  4:30pm hits and I'm always looking around to see what window was left open and realize it's just cold and drafty.  Last year we learned the ropes: we layer, wear stocking hats, put slippers on, boil water for tea and hot water bottles and scour the internet for more warm things we can wear.  Enter Jeremiah, king of finding cool stuff, and the Napsack by Poler.

Basically a sleeping bag:

But come on, we can't spend all our evenings snuggled in a sleeping bag, we need to get some stuff done.  Poler to the rescue with side zippers you can pop your arms out!  Use your computer, read a book, drink your coffee, or in our case, change a diaper and play games with a toddler:

But no one wants to hop around in their sleeping bag to get around; Poler solved this problem as well - you can open the bottom!

The napsack arrived in the mail this week and I've worn it a number of times and love it.  It's sure to get a ton of use to keep me warm inside (not to mention outside)!  Also a bonus that the company is from Portland!

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