Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Florida shipment

We've learned one of the comforts of living away from home is to get stuff from home.  Especially now when many of the things we are used to being available aren't, we rely on shipments from home to get necessities as well as the fun stuff.  Our school coordinates a shipment each month from a shipping address in Florida.  We buy things from the states, have them shipped to Florida, then once a month everyone's orders get bundled and DHLed to Nepal.  It's much safer and more reliable than shipping directly here, though of course you must be careful of how much weight you get shipped as it adds up quickly and things must be timed well since it's only once a month.  Rather than stocking up frantically while at home for Christmas and summer, and coming home with suitcases full, we've decided this is the better option for us.  This month's shipment had quite a few things for us, ranging from clothes for me and Jeremiah, shoes and books for Tegan, coffee and tea.  Tegan's favorite was the packaging:

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