Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hot lemon and honey

It's a common drink to see on the menu here; great for cold weather, upset tummy or sore throat.  I prefer to get the honey on the side so it's not overdone.  Soon though, I'm also going to start asking for it in a mug.  Why is a hot drink served in the same style glass as the other popular lemon drink, fresh lemon soda, a cold drink?  If anyone figures it out, shoot me a line!
Hot lemon and honey at Cafe Soma


  1. I always wonder the same thing...don't know in the US, but in Denmark coffee (cafe lattes and other fancy drinks) are also served in glasses. Anyway, the drink looks good. Where is the picture taken? Just wanted to drop a line, since I have been following your blog for a couple of months. My husband and I are moving to Kathmandu in July with our two girls, who are 2 and a half and four months, so it's great to read about you guys' adventures with your cute little one:-) our eldest daughter will hopefully be joining pre-school at Lincoln, so might see you guys around. Happy Easter! /Ingrid

  2. Hi Ingrid! The drink is good; this is in a little coffee shop/restaurant called Soma... we see a lot of families with young ones in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday, you should consider checking it out! We will be away for the summer but are coming back at the beginning of August. If you have questions about moving here or want to have a play date when you get settled send us an email [osullivansabroad(at)gmail(dot)com]! What is bringing you to Nepal?

  3. Thanks, Allison, sounds great. Will drop you an email, once I get my head around all the practicalities I have to get in order for our move...not easy when on maternity leave with a little one:-) A play date sounds great. Alma will be three in August and little Olivia will be seven months. I am being posted to the Danish Embassy for three years. My husband, Jan, works with IT, but will start out looking after the girls and hanging out trekking in the Himalayas with Olivia in a backpack, as he says:-) We are super excited about the move, but I am also a little nervous about how Alma handles it, since she is just at an age where she talks about her friends at nursery all the time. But I suppose the little ones adapt pretty least if she gets some new friends fast:-)