Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bandh day

Today, Wednesday, we -
went for a walk...

played some basketball...

had a snack...

...because school was called off for a "bandh" day.  I think it's our 3rd bandh day since we've been here (there have been more bandhs but they have not been big enough to call off school).  Bandhs are days when strikes are called and much of the city is shut down.  Protests happen around the city, but as you can see from our pictures we have not really been affected other than we can't go far because taxis aren't running.  In fact, no transportation was going today aside from the odd tourist shuttle and army trucks (and some on foot like the guy below).

We enjoyed our surprise time off today and may have another day off tomorrow as well, though it's always a toss up whether the rumors and talk of bandhs will come to fruition.  

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  1. Tegan is so cute ! I have been following your blog for a while. Nice read. Thanks.