Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tea - it does the body good

My favorite day of the work week, aside from Friday of course, is Thursday, because we get tea. I am by no means a tea expert (though this guy is) but I'm also no novice. My mom drinks a lot of tea, and when Jeremiah and I lived in London for a study abroad and I had a lot of tea, but Taiwan tea is not your grandma's tea. First there are a lot of tea to-go stands around. And when I say a lot, I mean on our block there are 3. The tea shops have big cups of cold tea with all sorts of options for amounts of sugar and ice and probably a lot of things I don't even know because I can barely pronounce "green tea" in chinese, let alone understand any of the signs they point to. Luckily for what I like, lemon green tea, there doesn't seem to be a lot of complications and Jeremiah has mastered ordering his green tea. There are also many variations on bubble tea which was created here in Taiwan, but that's not exactly, well, my cup of tea (I just couldn't resist). So far we have had very little warm tea though as the weather cools I'm sure it will surface more.

From the shop right near our house - Ching Shin. Tea always comes with the top sealed; you poke your straw through the plastic.

níng méng chá (lemon green tea - not sure if that is correct?)

My favorite tea stand name because it's fun to say. Go ahead, try saying it out loud.

And in case plain ol' green tea isn't your thing, you can try beer flavor


  1. Has J tried the beer flavored tea yet? Because he should.

  2. 謝謝 for another Awesome Post! But why is Thursday "tea day" (as opposed to everyday)? Does the school give you tea on Thursdays? If so what kinds?

  3. ooohhh so jealouuusssss i would KILL for some ching xin right now.

  4. wow -- the world of tea at your doorstep, such an awesome ritual and beverage... we get a lot of SUPER sweet chai over here, better to brew our own at home.