Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home alone

I was home alone for this earthquake that just happened, and awake for that matter. The last earthquake happened in the middle of the night and when Jeremiah asked me what we should do, I replied: "wait and see if it gets worse." Apparently my desire for sleep took precedent over worrying. Today it felt exponentially worse because I was able to devote full mental capacity to the worse case scenario and no one was with me, so, I stood in the doorway. That's what you're supposed to do, right? Get under a desk or in a doorway. That's what I've practiced tons of times both as a child and as an adult in the drills at school. I went with instinct. Luckily the doorway wasn't needed, and after a few aftershocks everything is back to normal.

(picture added by jeremiah and found here)


  1. Doorway is right! We had a pretty big earthquake in Klamath growing up; it's a scary feeling for sure! I'm glad you and the Germ are both okay.

  2. i know the doorway is right, but sometimes i think it is funny standing in the doorway when i'm seven floors up!

  3. Joanna has her bags packed and ready at the door. I suspect when earthquake #3 hits, she will be on the next airplane.