Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's different you ask?

We've obviously made some adjustments and changes since coming to Taiwan. These are some of the things I've noticed recently that we do in Taiwan that are different from home.
-use chopsticks (duh, right? But, a recent email from my uncle outlining the many uses of a cane reminded me that chopsticks also have many uses, though not done in public so we don't offend the local people. They make great pointers, head scratchers, poking devices, etc.)
-eat buns that have beans tucked inside (and we like them)
Picture from here

-don't pay attention to the lines on the road when driving; the government must have thought they would be a good idea, but drivers have a different idea
-eat out a lot

-drive to work in 10 minutes
-comment on how cool it feels when the temperature drops below 85
-buy meals from street vendors

-speak a few chinese words (When Jeremiah doesn't understand someone he turns to me and asks "Allison, what are they saying?" like I'm going to know. Most of the time I have no idea.)
-get cold tea delivered to us at school once a week
-park anywhere we can (even sidewalks)

-walk in the street because 1) there are hardly any sidewalks, and 2) when there are sidewalks they are either parked on or the shops are spilling out from their building onto the sidewalk and streets
-drink coke instead of pepsi
-have our laundry done by someone else
-sometimes run red lights, but never turn right on a red
-go to 7-11 often (to pay bills, get cash, as a breakfast stop on the way to school...)
-talk to our families through skype, emails and cards

-notice flashes of dark movements out of the corner of our eye and pray it's a gecko and not a cockroach (well, this is mostly for me, though jeremiah probably hopes so too because cockroaches mean we have to catch and release; geckos can just hang out)
and... last but not least
-get to hold super cute Taiwanese babies (as much as Lisa hopes this is our baby so she can be a grandma, it isn't :)


  1. Oh, I want one.....and I don't mean chopsticks or a bun filled with beans! Pick up one of those cute little babies and bring home for Christmas! She is adorable! I love reading your blog. As far as you two are, it is really amazing how connected our technology makes me feel. When my mom and I moved to the Philippines in 1967, we didn't even have a phone in our home. So, the only way to communicate with friends and family in the states was 'snail mail' which took about 3-6 weeks or a telegraph if there was an emergency at home. I think how much easier this would have been on my mom to be able to talk to her mom, sisters and children! Hope school is going well and we need to share 'school' stories soon! love you both!

  2. this parking on the sidewalk thing has me very nervous, and not paying attention the the lanes, but if this is in fact safer, then I will feel good about it! I want to see video of you guys driving in traffic. And you guys speaking in Chinese. Miss you both!

  3. jeromyah never paid attention to the lines in the road in the states