Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carepackage love!

Today we got a fun package in the mail! Jeremiah's parents sent us some goodies and we are so excited! Thank you Lisa and Jerry!!

Part of this care package included a bunch of delicious vegan treats that we definitely have not been able to find here. Our good vegan and "generally vegan" friends selected some of our favorites from Food Fight. We've already opened the kale crisps, the chocolate "whizzers" and the marshmallows - so good! Thank you Drew and Steph!
We love these little bits of home. I might have, maybe, sort of, had a twinge of missing home when I saw these things. OK, I did. Mostly though I just miss the people that sent them and all the others in Oregon and throughout the US. So love to you all!

PS Is it the weekend yet??


  1. Wow, that was really a random box. The Mandarin book is from Chris Moss. He dropped it by my classroom and asked if I thought you two might be able to use it. And, it was so sweet of Drew and Steph to not only shop for your vegan goodies but also to buy them. They would not let me pay them as they wanted to make that their contribution to your care package! Sorry it took so long to get a box to you. I know it is so fun being in another country and getting little bits of home by mail service! Love you....see you in December!

  2. yeeeee haaaa. thanks for thanking us. steph picked up the goods, and i delivered them to lisa in a parking lot.