Monday, October 19, 2009

back and random!

i'm back!  busy with school (not really).  just booked two tickets to bangkok for thanksgiving.  going with a few teachers from school, so we're excited.  any advice?  also, been playing ultimate frisbee on wednesday and fridays and getting ready to get back in to running.  allison has been working out a lot, so she is motivating me.  finally got my 3gs and i love it.  had the same... crappy LG phones for the last five years, so it is nice to have something a little more up to date.  compass is amazing, as is video.  will post videos soon.  off to bed.  oh yeah, been updating flickr off to the right of this blog if you want to take a look.


  1. you haaaave to go to koh san road. i suggest staying in this little hotel called starlight or star something on the next street over. it's cheap and that street isn't as loud and full of people throwing up in the middle of the night.
    buy all of the cheap necklaces! i wish i had gotten those little wooden bead ones in every color now that i'm home and you can't buy $3 necklaces anymore.

    if you want to go beachy, i have a bunch of friends who are in koh tao teaching dive classes. it's a tourist filled island but it's beautiful and there are baileys banana shakes and cheap massages on the beach.

  2. Oh Thailand! It's still my favorite country. I agree with the above. In BKK got to Wat Pho too. Get out of BKK within a day and head to any of the beaches. I've been a lot of islands in Thailand. You won't go wrong. Have a great time!