Saturday, October 3, 2009

Morning Hike

Jeremiah took me on the hike he went on for Peace Day with his students. It was very hot, and saw lots of critters: chickens, lizards, huge butterflies that landed on Jeremiah's head, a grasshopper on steroids and more of those spiders that are the size of my face.

Whole lot of stairs

That's me at the bottom, I couldn't keep up even though I've been doing the stair master at the gym, I'd better step it up a notch next time!

Luckily there were a few rest stops, and we could have had tea here if we had been prepared for it

At the top!

Next hike we'll venture somewhere new...


  1. Love it! How beautiful! You are lucky to be somewhere being a vegan is possible. Being a pescetarian here is hard, being a vegetarian is "You eat chicken, right?" and being a vegan would truly be impossible in Colombia. The advantage of being here - the language.

  2. yeah, sometimes we've had to "hope" that what we were eating was alright, but for the most part, probably 98% of the time, we're good. the language would be amazing. sometimes the chinese wears on you and you just want to see one store all in english. but, if that is the only thing we have to worry about, then we're alright!