Saturday, February 2, 2013

1905 farmers market

Our weekends have been shaping up nicely.  Since we have an in house alarm that rarely lets us sleep past 6:30, we are up and ready to make the most of our days off.  Saturday mornings we've been going to the restaurant 1905 for breakfast and the farmers market.  We stock up on cheeses, breads, meat and fresh fruit/veggies while running into half our co-workers and students' parents (I've never ran into so many people I know while out than we do in Kathmandu).  It's great people watching too - with folks who have been here forever to the tourist fresh off the plane, it's an odd assortment of people who seem connected by the common need for good, fresh food.

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  1. The first photograph is interesting! Lovely morning tea atmosphere is well captured.