Monday, February 25, 2013

Pediatricians in KTM

Health care is a much bigger concern for us now than it had been the first time we took jobs internationally.  We raved about Taiwan's health care, and while I wouldn't rave about Nepal's, we have found what we need to stay healthy, and in particular keeping Tegan healthy.  We've had Tegan (now 16 months old) in for a few trips to the doctor in Kathmandu now, including a well-check, routine childhood immunizations, an emergency visit after a fall and a "she seems sick and we're new parents so we'll take her just to make sure" visit.  Jeremiah and I have also been for regular vaccinations.  As I mentioned in my dentist post, CIWEC is the clinic in town that we and many other expats go to.  We've gone with appointments and without and have always been seen very quickly.  Right now there are two doctors that we've preferred, Dr. Will and a woman expat who I have forgotten her name.  Both were wonderful with Tegan, though both are GPs I believe.  For her well-check we saw the pediatrician Dr. Kishore who was also friendly and gave us good information to think about for vaccinations.  The clinic is clean and everyone takes the utmost care with keeping things sterile.  Overall we've been quite happy with it all.

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