Thursday, April 24, 2014

Paris from a different perspective

Both Jeremiah and I had been to Paris before, and I'm glad we had because this trip was totally different than the Paris I think of. Instead of meandering through the Louvre, sipping coffee with croissants, and seeing the sights at night all lit up, we carried children around, managed oozing Nutella crepes and sought out playgrounds. Not that any of that was bad, just different and a wee bit exhausting.
We bought some good kids books...

watched boats go by...

wondered where all the keys were...

put on temporary Shakespeare tattoos with water from the public fountain...

and rode the carousels ("again please, again?")


  1. So do you stock up on goodies to take home? I'd be smuggling cheese and baguettes :) enjoy!

  2. Ha, yes, travelling with kids is a whole different experience:-) Exhausting, but also gives you other ideas and impressions about cities and countries. Having taken our two kids to Singapore a couple of times now for breaks from Nepal, we know where all the good playgrounds are, we know that our kids love fishball soup and chicken rice and that you can find it pretty much anywhere, we know that there is a huge water splash area in the Zoo as well as in many of the bigger malls, and that our big girl of 3½ as a whole new appreciation of paved roads:-) And we know that going to a nice kid-friendly resort on the beach in Thailand was the most relaxing holiday that we as parents have had in a long time;-)