Sunday, April 6, 2014


Potatoes, cream, butter, cheese and garlic. Put them all together and you have the weirdly wonderful stretchy dish typical of the area of L'Aubrac in southern France called Aligot. It looks like mashed potatoes on the plate, but you have to cut it like melted cheese to eat it.

We were invited to lunch by our friend's parents and were excited to learn we were having aligot. Of course it was amazing (how could that combo of ingredients go wrong?!) and boy does it fill you up. Remember to save room for the post meal cheese tray and coffee, plus dessert if things are really going your way.

A word for the little ones, I'd suggest cutting it for them, otherwise they risk swallowing a long string and choking.


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  1. Very interesting looking stuff! Yes, when I first looked at the photo, I thought it was mashed potatoes that had been over boiled and then beaten until they got too thick. But then when I read what it was, I have to admit, it sounds pretty dang good! Will be keeping that in mind for when I make it over to France.