Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's your address?

Basically there are no addresses in Kathmandu, nor really any street names aside from the main roads.  There are names for all the different areas of town - Sanepa, Kupondole, Jawalakhel, etc. - and there are main intersections called chowks - Jhamsikhelchowk for example - and there is one main road that loops around - Ring Road.  From there people use a series of landmarks, shops, temples and various descriptors to give directions.  Google maps is kind of effective, though sometimes what looks like a road actually requires an all terrain vehicle and a sense of adventure.
So we have our phones out when someone is on the way to our house to get them the last stretch, we stand on the road to flag them down, we find cab drivers that know exactly where a restaurant is rather than just the neighborhood, we go places with a friend that knows the way, we learn the landmarks, we get lost, and we take the scenic route.

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