Sunday, March 16, 2014


Today Kathmandu celebrated Holi. We got child care (not a holiday for kids!) and headed out with a group of friends to Patan Durbar Square. Last year Jeremiah was trekking during Holi so I was excited for him to experience it. We went out equipped with water guns, dye and our phone and money in a plastic bag.
(Most of these photos are from our friend Emily - I wasn't brave enough to bring the camera out around all that water!)
There seem to be two techniques people employ - the nice "happy holi" smear of color or the attack with water balloons, buckets and smushing the color around your face. Both are fun until those water balloons get thrown too hard or you get the dye in your mouth (gross!). We had a lot of fun with the little kids in the area.

At home we did a kid's version with Tegan and some friends. A few long showers later we've gotten most of the dye off but our skin has a bit of a red tinge to it. Hopefully tomorrow's morning shower gets the last of it!


  1. Wow! Looks pretty from here (sitting in front of my computer) haha! Fun :)

  2. Great photos (Amanda- Emily's sister here). I am going to show your blog to Ryder so he can start checking out photos of his number 1 fan Tegan :)

  3. Great images! It looks like you had a ton of fun. I added your blog to my list!

  4. I usually read your blog from my phone and I can't comment! I love reading it and I check it first thing each morning! xxoo Nana

  5. I usually read your blog from my phone and I can't post a comment! I love reading it and check it daily! xxoo Nana