Sunday, January 13, 2013

Instagram lately

It's been cold here lately.  Really cold at night.  Apparently one of the coldest temps in the last few years.  With no heat and drafty windows/doors the inside often feels like the outside.  We're pretty lucky with our house, it stays warmer than most.  There is the option to use gas space heaters that don't require electricity, but those just make us nervous with the fumes and open coils for Tegan to touch.  Instead, we wear layers.    
Taken at school in the morning.  Our buildings have outdoor hallways which makes for chilly walks between rooms.

As soon as the sun goes down the chill sets in.  Jeremiah's working on his homework while I curl up with a comforter, tea and a book.

Tegan doesn't sleep with blankets, so we layer her up for bed.  2 pairs of pajamas and a fleece sleep sack for walkers.  (The hat was put on when she woke up, she doesn't sleep with that, though I've been known to!)

A weekend brunch was kept cozy with a huge fire.  It was wonderful.  We would love to have a fireplace.

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  1. I'm shivering just reading this! Central heat has never felt so good!