Thursday, October 4, 2012

It was bound to happen

Our first run in with food poisoning.  Ug.  Food and water preparation here is crucial to avoiding all sorts of nasty stuff - we had a training session when we first got here.  Soak fruits and veggies in water + iodine.  Eat things you can peel.  Better to go with cooked/boiled.  Which restaurants are ok.  What brand of bottled water was deemed "safer".  Water filters.  Make sure hands and dishes are dry after washing.  Soap, lots of soap.  Etc, etc, etc.  Whew.

So, we are cautious, but we eat out a lot.  And, really, like the title says, it was bound to happen.  Luckily we didn't get hit at the same time, because being sick with a baby is hard.  Just a few days later we are all healthy again.... just in time for another round of immunizations tomorrow.  The quest for health never ends!


  1. Yikes! Happy to hear you all feel better!

    Similarly, my husband caught a stomach bug while on a trip to Bangladesh even though he took precautions. So you're right, unfortunately. Food poisoning is bound to happen.


  2. I even got sick from brushing my teeth with tap water! I've recently discovered apple cider vinegar and charcoal for stomach upset. Fortunately for me I haven't needed to try it, but everyone swears by it. Start taking it at the first rumblings and then as needed. This is one tip I put in my e-book, Nepal: On a Budget. Unfortunately, you should bring these from the west because charcoal seems to not be available here. Well, maybe in an aquarium store but I don't know if that would be a safe source-so I suggest bringing it from home. They also sell medications at pharmacies all over the valley and you don't need to buy a jar, just a few pills, which will cost less than $1.

  3. Oh no! It's such an unpleasant situation/feeling to get food poisoning. I've had to deal with bouts of it in Bolivia and again in India. It put me down for the count each time. I hope you'll recover and feel normal again soon!