Monday, November 1, 2010

Dried plums

The package says "it tastes sour and sweet" - they aren't joking about the sour part. I hated these at first but they've grown on me.  They are kind of like the candy warheads - sour on the outside but once you suck on them long enough they are sweet.  I enjoy them just as they are; sometimes they are served in tea (yuck!) and even in the middle of candies.
I'm pretty sure you can get these at asian markets in the states - I encourage you to try, just for the experience.


  1. You were trained young. If you can learn to like horehound candy you can learn to like anything.

  2. ahhh the tea is soo disgusting. i do kind of like them by themselves too though.

  3. I love these and enjoyed having them while visiting you in Taiwan! xxoo

  4. I enjoyed some Mom brought home for me to try too! Mmmm.