Thursday, November 18, 2010

Best tofu ever

We eat at a Japanese restaurant near our house often - sometimes a few times a week.  The menu is all in Chinese, so we've depended on the kindness of the staff to help us and boy have they come through.  I communicated early that I was vegetarian and for quite awhile I stuck with udon noodles and a tofu that wasn't my favorite.  One day Jeremiah came back with sān bēi dòufu - three cup tofu.  In its normal form this dish is sān bēi jī - three cup chicken, but our friends at the restaurant offered to make it veggie for me (though to be quite honest I'm not sure how veggie the sauce is that they cook it in).  It is now one of my favorite dishes - cooked in an earthenware pot and chock full of basil, whole cloves of garlic and ginger (which I don't usually like but it works for me in this dish).


  1. Theresa is coming over for dinner.

  2. Makes me want to eat Japanese!

    I couldn't find your contact info, but I wanted to let you know your blog has been featured in a post on "20 Awesome Expat Blogs" on Matador Abroad!

    Heather Carreiro
    Editor, Matador Abroad

  3. The sauce of sān bēi includes soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine. The name of this dish "three cup" refer to each cup of these 3 ingredients. :) Try sān bēi king trumpet mushroom next time, it's so great!!