Saturday, September 4, 2010

Phone company

Dear Chunghwa Telecom employee (I think your english name may be Vicky),

We've seen you about 6 times in the last month.  Probably 15 in the last year.  We have had lots of questions about iphones, contracts, bills, wait-lists and repairs.  We've used American credit cards that seem to add 30 minutes and complications to any purchase.  You had to fill out our forms for us because we couldn't write our own address.  We speak no Chinese.  You've translated for issues that I am sure are outside your job description.  We've brought friends with us promising them you would be able to help them too.  We always come in at the end of the work day when you are probably tired and ready to go home.

While you probably curse under your breath when we walk in, you always appear to be happy to help.  Your English is fabulous despite your protests that it isn't.  You always explain our options to us rather than just saying it will be ok.   Sometimes your co-workers try to help - but really you are the best.

Thank you so much.  Xiexie.

Your waiguoren friends,
Allison and Jerry


  1. Would you please ask Vicky to work for Verizon. They have NOT ONE PERSON that helpful.