Friday, February 12, 2010

LeoFoo Village Theme Park

When we were on our trip to Yingge we saw signs for LeoFoo Village so we googled it and discovered it's an amusement park!  What could be a better way to start the Chinese New Year break?  Plus, Leslie and B are here visiting!  Hopes were high it would live up to the promises of the website, but we were also braced for it to end up like Enchanted Forest (pretty bare-bones kiddy park in Oregon and their website makes it looks way cooler than it is).
Picture in left bottom corner shows the variety of LeoFoo - Arabian palace, dinosaur and tropical log ride

Turns out LeoFoo is Leo-Fab.  Many similarities to Disneyland, including Mickey and Minnie look-alikes and different themed "lands" (Wild West, South Pacific, Arabian Kingdom and African Safari).  We thoroughly enjoyed all the rides we went on - Screaming Condor (shot forward and backwards into the air super fast), Little Rattler, Old Oil Well (flipped upside down), Pagoda's Revenge (dropped from the sky), Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure (like Splash Mountain, we got wet) and Sultan's Adventure (like Indiana Jones).
Little Rattler ride

We went in determined to have a good time regardless of how lame the park ended up being, but I think even debbie-downers would have fun here.  It's no Disneyland, but it's still pretty impressive.  We spent a full 4 hours there and could have stayed longer (alas, it was closing).

Fake crocodile, real monkey behind us

Fake horse, real flamingos

Ultimate verdict: we'll go back.

Our new friends


  1. Oh, I LOVE theme parks! Looks like you four are having so much fun! How far is it from your apartment to drive there? Great Pictures!!! xxoo

  2. Love looking at your pics. Nice to know i have a fellow teachers on the lose LOL. Check mine will yah? It's mostly south east asian. Thanks

  3. That looks like so much fun! I haven't been keeping up with your posts like usual so I'm catching up now! We hope you get your package soon! :) Miss you guys! xoxo