Sunday, February 21, 2010

Awkward elevator chit chat

We use the elevator in our building almost every day.  Most of the time we ride alone, but sometimes we share with another couple, a group of kids, or the lone old man or woman.  Sometimes we ride in silence or talk to our respective groups, sometimes smile at one another, or my favorite - share cheerful "ni haos".  Every once in awhile someone tries to strike up a conversation in Chinese.  Normally we apologetically say in English "no Chinese".  Last time, however, I wasn't thinking and said it in Chinese.  Well, I tried to say it.  In the moment I got flustered and instead said either "You don't speak Chinese?" or "I don't speak Chinese?" (I can't really remember what I started with because I was so focused on the fact that I had accidentally turned the statement into a question).  The old man laughed at me.

We're trying out Chinese lessons this week.  Maybe next time I ride with him I will be able to correctly put together a statement.  Or maybe I should just stick with ni hao.

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  1. Looking good, guys! Just checking out the blog. XOXO