Tuesday, December 1, 2009

don't go to bangkok for three days

**flickr page is updated**

go for 13.  or 33.  we decided to head over to bangkok for thanksgiving with a couple of teachers from school and had an amazing time.  we were actually there for more than three, but it was three full days.  we got in wednesday night at 11pm and then left our hotel at 10am on sunday.  our trip was amazing, but way too short.  it took us a day to get acquainted with the city and then we had two full days to try and relax, site see, have drinks, eat, listen to music, and visit as many markets as we could.  next time we plan on going for a few extra days and getting out of the city.  when you go (not if, when), please please please buy nancy chandler's map as soon as you get there.  we didn't have it the first day and the people we were with weren't sure where we were going, so we spent a few hours walking around looking for temples and getting harassed by the ever so nice tuk tuk drivers.  alright.  here are too many pictures and if you want to see even more, click on the flickr link at the bottom of the pictures.

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instead of a bible in the drawer, we found a guide to southeast asia.  i like it.

water taxi was crazy.  wasn't sure what the plastic was for...

until the guy left and i looked over the side.

random temple while looking for the grand palace.  (i'm assuming it is a temple)

i love naps and so does this guy.  never pulled off the tree nap, but it is on the list.

at the grand palace.

these guys were allison's favorites.  they came in all different sizes.

more grand palace.  so much shiny gold.  too bad i forgot my sunglasses.

more grand palace

allison's favorite picture of the day.

more of allison's favorite little guys.

 fooling around with the color settings.

random statue

 we always forget to take pictures of the two of us.  not this trip.  no sir.

my delicious bananas soaked in sugar for 48 hours to the point where you can't tell they are bananas.

largest lying buddha in the world at wat pho.

so big.

 getting my fill of good luck.

more palace.

 vegetable soup for breakfast everyday!

 i drove a tuk tuk at 3:30am (yes, you read that correctly, i drove a tuk tuk.)

chatuchak weekend market - the granddaddy of them all.

 animals were kept in pretty small cages/tanks though.

 we saw lots of turtles and quite a few bunnies, dogs, cats, and other buddies.  it was pretty sad after the first few.

 traffic was insane.

 and by insane, i mean it was rush hour every hour.

we made it to cabbages and condoms!  they have some restaurants and resorts throughout the country that help promote social development programs.
they love their king.  so much.

annnnnd, to top it all off, we were able to see leslie and bryce for 10 minutes.  they had just landed at BKK and were heading to laos for a year or five.  due to an hour wait at customs for them, we almost had to bail so we didn't miss our flight, but it all worked out.

best (and only) trip outside of taiwan so far.  fun times.  now we get to look forward to our trip home!  we leave in 22 days and we're getting excited.

if those pics weren't enough for you (then you're crazy and you should just go visit bangkok), check out the rest of them at our flickr account.



  1. Oh you lucky folks in Asia. Jeremiah and Alison, wait until you get to Chaing Mai or the Thai Islands. Jealous, though not so much of Bangkok.

  2. chaing mai is one of the next places we'd like to visit. and... i'm a city guy, so bangkok was right up my alley! how is the tooth?

  3. I hear the beaches there are to die for as well!!! Great pictures!!!

  4. bangkok is so freakin awesome -- glad you guys got a little taste! I stayed at a hotel where Val Kilmer was (wtf?) walking around in his bathrobe... then went to a jewelry shop called the Leela Lapidary, no joke! And i just loved that reclining big gold buddha. . . PS go to Chang Mai and Chang Rai too! off the beaten tourist path...

  5. Looks like a wonderful little Bangkok trek! Thanks so much for sharing all those cool pics! I'll be emailing you soon about my Taiwan itinerary (i'm just waiting for a few folks to get back to me).

    Hey if you ever road trip up to Seattle, let me know so I can treat you to dinner. Peace, B.

  6. awesome trip, are you gonna bring that tut-tut back with you to portland? good looking veg-breaky-soup, and those temple shots are super duper

  7. I love looking at your pictures of Bangkok. I was there with my mom in 1969. We went for about three days too. What a wonderful Thanksgiving adventure you had. Thanks for sharing. See you SOON! xxoo