Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Ok, so maybe it isn't "cold", but it has been getting cooler. We've also acclimated to the warm weather so what used to feel comfortable is now chilly. What better way to warm up and feel in the christmas spirit than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate?

Unfortunately we don't have chocolate soy milk at the store down the street to heat up. But when I remembered my mom used to make us hot chocolate on the stove sometimes with cocoa power I knew we could improvise. With soy milk, hershey's cocoa powder from the import section of our grocery store, left over sugar packets and a pot on the stove we made our own hot chocolate - vegan style.

With warm mugs and A Christmas Carol on the tv we are well on our way to feeling "christmasy" in our new home away from home, though counting down the days until we spend christmas with our family and friends!


  1. that is so awesome that you guys cozied up with cocoa -- it's funny b/c that old fashioned way of cooking it, on the stove with soy milk, cocoa powder, etc.... that's the best hot chocolate, if you ask me!! Only, i like TONS of cocoa powder. D thinks it's gross, but I rejoice in the intensity!

    love reading about the holidays in a foreign place.

  2. Nothing like a little Hot Chocolate to bring on the feel of Christmas. Just wait 'til you get back, it really is FREEZING back home.

  3. you guys are going to freeze over here, like human popsicles. can't wait to see you!

  4. thinking of you two while I drink my hot chocolate. We can drink some together soon! love you

  5. I love it! Sounds delicious! You'll need lots of hot cocoa here to keep warm. ;) xoxo