Saturday, July 25, 2009

Insomnia: difficulty falling and/or staying asleep

Those that know my sleeping habits understand that I am not a night person. I like to be in bed by 11, and sometimes during the school year Jeremiah would find me under the covers closer to 9. Check on me at 1:00am though and you may find me on the couch desperately hoping I can find something on PBS to watch. Most nights I sleep okay, however, occasionally I wake up around midnight and am awake an hour or two. Wikipedia says this is called "Middle-of-the-Night Insomnia"; not a whole lot of creativity or originality in that name is there? Of course these times come when I need sleep the most - when I am anxious, overwhelmed or stressed - along with other more indiscriminate times. Some nights I watch tv, sometimes I write work emails (only to need some harsh editing in the morning), sometimes I have a literal midnight snack, and sometimes I just lay there hoping sleep will come. Basically, I rarely get anything productive accomplished.

Last night at about this time (it is 1:35am) my brain seemed to hear the day flipping from Thursday to Friday and knew I needed to be worrying about something because it was then only 7 days until we leave. And here I am again, 6 days away, listening to the sounds of the Sullivan house hoping that soon I will be asleep.


  1. I hope you can find some good sleep! (I'm sure the first few days in Taiwan will be very hard because jetlag and sensory overload.)

    When in Taiwan... stay relaxed, smile often, keep a laidback, modest, peaceful attitude and enjoy all the crazy, exciting, stressful, delicious and beautiful things that make Taiwan and it's people so wonderful! What a cool thing you both are doing... (I wish I was heading to Taiwan in 6 days ;o)

  2. she slept through the night! thanks for the advice. we're excited!

  3. We're leaving for Taiwan on Thursday. We are a family of four and will be in Kaohsiung County. We love your blogs.