Thursday, July 9, 2009

hurling in taiwan? kind of

spent a couple hours looking around online to see if anyone had even heard of hurling in taiwan a couple of nights ago. imagine my surprise when i found a gaa sanctioned club called taiwan celts! their main sport is gaelic football, which is a lot like hurling, but without a stick... and a bigger ball, but a couple of guys practice hurling afterwards sometimes. they practice every saturday at noon.the only catch is that they usually play in taipei, but it is only a 45 minute high speed rail ride away. i think allison will like getting up to a different city every once in a while, so she is all for it. they play in a few asian tournaments a year, and are signed up to compete in the 2009 asian gaelic games in bangkok in october this year (no, that wasn't a mistake, they actually have gaelic games in asia). guess i'll be packing my helmet, hurleys, and cleats. will keep you posted with info and pics when (not if, when) i get injured. hot damn!


  1. That is very exciting you may get to Hurl in Taiwan. fun stuff! xo

  2. when i read the first sentence i thought you had already got here and you were sick from the food ;) hurling? what an awful name for a sport.

    i am sitting on the beach, drinking out of a coconut in thailand! i can't help but spread the word. you should definitely book some travel time to koh tao.