Monday, August 3, 2020


We left Riga about a week ago and 82 hours later (five airports, an overnight flight, and two nights in a hotel airport), we made it to KTM.  Overall, it was a surreal experience traveling and, obviously, unlike anything we've ever been through.  Fortunately, everyone we saw on our flights were wearing masks, but unfortunately everyone had them off when they were eating, so...there's that.

Flights were much more crowded in Europe, but the flight to SE Asia only had about 30 people and it looked like most of them were heading home.  Staying 2 nights in an empty airport in KUL wasn't ideal, but fortunately there were a few restaurants open (and Starbucks, which made Allison happy!).

In the end, our 8 pieces of luggage and us made it to KTM without too much jet lag and we've settled in to our new apartments.  We're about half way through our government mandated two week quarantine and have been ordering lots of groceries and meals online through Kathmandu's food order service, Foodmandu.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Saying goodbye to Riga!

He'll nap anywhere, except when he's at home

Malaysia holding it down with BSU fatigues

Waiting for planes to move

First Kathmandu sighting

Waiting to get into the wors...I mean our favorite airport in the world

Just about to immigration

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