Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Election day

Yesterday was election day in Nepal - a big deal and a tad complicated.  There's been a number of bandh days leading up to the day though only a few that affected our school.  The goal is to elect a new Constituent Assembly with the hope of writing a Constitution to govern the nation.
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"More than 100 parties are contesting the elections, including three major ones, the Maoists, the Nepali Congress and the Unified Marxist-Leninist. Of the more than 16,000 candidates, nearly 6,000 are women."  [emphasis added]
"Officials said turnout was high and voting largely peaceful. Earlier, three people were hurt by a bomb in Kathmandu which followed a series of attacks blamed on opponents of the poll." 
"The vote is the second since a 10-year Maoist revolt ended in 2006. The previous assembly failed in its task."

See the whole article here:  Nepal voting ends for new Constituent Assembly

Results will take a few weeks.

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