Friday, November 16, 2012

Tihar Festival

Tihar is a 5 day festival of lights.  There are different days of worship, or puja.  I've seen the schedule of the days vary a little depending on what I read and who I talk to, but here it is generally:
  • Day 1: Kag puja - crows; food and sweets are left on roofs.  
  • Day 2: Kukur puja - dogs; as the messenger of the god of death the dog is worshipped with garlands and tikas.  
  • The morning of day 3: Gai Tihar - cows; a sign of prosperity and wealth they are worshipped with garlands and grasses.  
  • The evening of day 3: Laxmi (goddess of wealth); she is welcomed into home with oil lamps and pathways leading from mandalas.  
  • Day 4: varies depending on a family's beliefs.  
  • Day 5: Bhai Tika - Sisters give their brothers tika.
We had Laxmi Puja done at our house a few days ago.


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