Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things I will miss

As we have spent our final days in Taiwan saying goodbyes, packing up and finalizing all sorts of odds and ends, I find myself sadly thinking "this is the last time I will ___ in Taiwan".  Here is a list of the things I will miss about living in Taiwan:
  • Taiwanese breakfast - dan bing especially
  • The people at the restaurants/shops we frequent - they know us, they know our orders, they greet us with great big smiles.  Sure I can order my tea in broken chinese (yībēi lǜchá bàn táng) but when I see our tea guy I just say "one" and he knows what I want, or if I say "two" he knows I want my order and Jeremiah's (oolong, not green, tea).  And I have no doubt if we went down there right now, Allen at Thai Yun would feel safe betting $100 that we would order the Yunan style tofu.
  • Tea: green and bubble tea - zhēnzhū nǎichá
  • Geckos living in my office
  • Mango, dragon fruit, guava, passion fruit
  • Lo bao gao
  • Taiwanese people in general - we've been continually amazed at the generosity and helpfulness of complete strangers.  
  • Cheap and easy health care
  • Day and night markets - the food, the fashion, the bargains
  • Scooters - we've been without our scooter for about a month now and Jeremiah especially has missed it.  Pre-Tegan the scooter was the fastest and easiest way to get places, and to park!
  • And of course all our friends we have made during the last 3 years - we will miss them most of all.
With such a long list there is really only one thing to do - come back and visit!


  1. That's the hardest thing about being somewhere for awhile, all the wonderful things you get used to about your new home. Best of luck to you on your next adventure!

  2. i mean. deja vu so much right now. i will miss reading about your taiwanese adventures but at this point i feel connected to you guys no matter where you are in the world because of this window into your lives. on to the next chapter! and if you find a way to make homemade danbing sauce, please let me know. :)

  3. How are the mangoes there? My friend from India said they taste so much different/worse in the US.

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  5. *Edit* Taiwan's mangoes were fab, and so far Nepal's are great too!