Thursday, August 26, 2010

The price is right

Bargaining is an essential travel skill that I lack.  Not only am I not good at it, but I dread the whole process.  I'd rather be labelled the silly foreigner than have to go through the process.  But Jeremiah has absolutely mastered this skill and thoroughly enjoys the game aspect of the whole thing.  It was clear during our first few trips to the markets that I simply cannot be around once bargaining begins.  I try to be helpful, really I do, but as it turns out I'm more helpful to the vendor than Jeremiah.  He can laugh at a price on their calculator and walk away like he genuinely doesn't want the product and I get nervous that he's not just acting but that he might actually walk away from the whole deal (and let's be real, it's usually something I want that he's trying to get).  So now we discuss what we want under our breaths or through looks and eyebrow raises and then I walk away.  I try to watch nonchalantly from a distance where my anticipation can't ruin it for him.  Because we buy very few things for ourselves the items we choose are usually those we are very excited about having; so after money has changed hands and whole exchange is over, Jeremiah's walk back to my hiding spot has a victory lap feel to it.  And I can breath a sigh of relief.


  1. I remember when you were a vendor selling flowers to the deer that might happen by at your grandparents.