Friday, July 9, 2010

Our moms tour Taiwan!

Whew folks, summer is flying by and we have been busy busy busy.  Since leaving Portland we have been showing our mom's around Taiwan.  It's been a mixture of taking them to our regular hang-outs, being tourists and a whole lot of trying new foods.  It's been so nice to be able to show people from home what our new home is like.  Here's a little of what we've been up to:

Bubble tea!

Went to the top of Taipei 101

Eating hot pot

Big buddha in Taichung

Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei

White Beach, Kenting

Feeding the birds in Leofoo Village Theme Park

Stuck in Leofoo

Our new friends we met while sampling green tea in Yingge

Watching a movie in style

Tomorrow the moms have to head home, and we are on our way to India!  When we get back Jeremiah will give you a full account of our latest stinky tofu adventure (yes, the moms had stinky tofu with us) and I'm sure we will have plenty of India stories to keep you all entertained.


  1. Eating something with both the words stinky and tofu. I guess the only thing worse would be if it had the word blood in it also.


  2. super fun seeing you both. i wish we could have had you for longer, happy time!

  3. What a WONDERFUL experience with amazing memories from our two weeks in Taiwan with Jeremiah and Allison! Thank you for your tour guiding expertise, your joy for sharing your country through your eyes and your love and patience for your moms! I will never forget my time there this summer! xxoo Mom

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  5. I really like the one of Jeremiah stuck in Leofoo!

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