Friday, June 25, 2010

Where is home exactly?

We've been back in the US for a little over a week now and have been on the go the entire time.  I think the first 5 days I slept in a different city each night.  It's all been well worth it though to see friends and family that we've been missing since Christmas.  This weekend was extra special because Jeremiah's brother got married in DC.  It was a beautiful wedding and tons of the Sullivan family were able to come out, some of whom I hadn't met yet.  It was nice to catch up with so many people at once, get to know aunts, uncles and cousins I didn't know, share in the wedding and welcome another sister to the family!

We fly back to Taiwan in 5 days but this time we're bringing a few special guests back with us and boy are we excited!  Stay tuned....


  1. I love the tutu swimsuit combo, and the wedding pic with the bride was gorgeous!!!

  2. I can't believe Jeremiah has to have the words in front of him when he sings a song.

  3. Great posting pics from the wedding!...I still need to figure out how to download mine onto my computer. :p I'm so jealous I did't get a matching tutu for my birthday!