Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A horse of a different color

Did you know peanuts came in different colors?  I sure didn't, so imagine my suprise when we found this inside our peanut shell:


  1. did you eat them? Who knew! it looks like poop! how fun1!!!!

  2. cool. didn't we have those black ones w/ the tea drinkers in Guguan?

    how's the Mandarin learning coming along? can you say peanut yet? (it's a pretty easy one ;)

  3. Are these also roasted and salted? That's the only way I like my peanuts. Or turned into peanut butter. Or crushed and sprinkled on a spicy noodle dish...

  4. We ate them; they tasted just like normal peanuts, not steamed (a whole different experience all together).

    Brett - yes, same ones we had with the tea... and no, haven't learned "peanut", but did learn and use "fruit"!

  5. accroding to my experiences, the black ones are with more aroma than the normal ones :)

    I love the photos you took in Laos!(actually love every single photo you post here :P ) and sure enough i'll come here to read the stories of your fantastic journey often!

    btw, the Chinese of peanut is "hua sheng", both the first tone ~ ^..^