Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shake, rattle and roll

I guess news of this morning's earthquakes has reached the states. All is ok here. We felt the first one; I was on the third floor and definitely felt the building moving. The rest have been much smaller and haven't been felt, by me at least, in Taichung.

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  1. Hi, Alison and Jeremiah.
    I'm glad that you both are ok.
    The earthquake sounded pretty serious on the news.

    We haven't met but my wife and I are moving to Taichung in June, 2010 to teach English. We've been reading your blog for about a month ( ever since we signed our contracts) and and enjoy it tremendously.

    We have many questions about Taiwan and would love to talk to you more.
    You may contact us through our blog:

    or via e-mail: