Friday, January 22, 2010

Night market dessert

We're always up for trying something new. The last trip to the night market we tried a dessert of sorts. Desserts and candies have been a toss up so far. Some are good, but nothing oozing with sugary sweetness like home. These things we had at the market are not something I would probably have again, but I'm glad we gave it a go.

Our chef holding the wooden cone the dessert is briefly steamed in.

Starts as a powder; the base is white and then either brown or black is sprinkled on top. He then steamed it for a minute and popped it out of the wooden cone.

The final product. The brown ones tasted like peanut, the black ones like ash.

Later that night I ate a handful of the swedish fish we brought back from christmas. Much better.


  1. :-) Love that one: Swedish Fish, for the win!

    Are those gelatinous rice dessert, like mochi?

  2. I second Maggie's comment...ash!?