Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Before, after and another year wiser

Jeremiah's hair has been getting long, really long. When it dries the right way in the morning you can't really tell how long it is because of how curly it is, but when he gets home from school and messes it up, or wakes up on the weekend it looks like this:

Now granted, this is especially "froofed" for the camera and to demonstrate just how long it had gotten (and he would never go to work with it like this), but many times after school or on the weekends during the last few weeks he'd come out of another room looking like this. (These pictures scream "mug shot", don't they?)

Jeremiah goes back and forth with his hair often. He likes it long, then doesn't like it, likes it short, then he doesn't. I see why his dad was so quick to hand the job of Jeremiah's barber over to me. I don't mind cutting his hair though because we made a deal that I get a pair of shoes every time I cut his hair.

After some debate lately of whether to do it or not, he told me to cut it before he changed his mind again.
And now I get to go shopping for my next pair of shoes!

On another Jeremiah note: this week he turned 28! Luckily for me, Jeremiah is an easy going guy who appreciates thoughfulness and originality. I say luckily, because this birthday was a little different than our normal birthday festivities in the states. First, on my end shopping was much harder. We don't give each other big gifts for birthdays, but all my standbys were hard to get here (Wii games bought here don't work in our system, clothes fit differently so I can't pick them out for him, he doesn't really have a hobby here yet ). I also don't have a store I can go to and know I will find something. I ended up going to a pretty big mall and getting lost, which was embarrassing because when you are the only white person people notice when you go by the same store 5 times.

The cake was another obstacle. At home I would bake a vegan cake for him - but we don't have an oven or vegan baking supplies. Nor can you go out and buy vegan desserts (well, maybe you can but I don't know where to do that). So, I went on a mission to find whatever vegan treats I could find. I ended up building a "cake" out of cookies and some make-shift frosting to hold it together. In the end, with a big "Happy Birthday" sign, some Taiwan-fab gifts, a unique (to say the least) cake, and a surprise dinner with a bunch of our teacher friends, I think it was a successful birthday!


  1. it was an amazing birthday. you are one sneaky lady. (i love commenting on my own blog)

  2. I love that every time Allison cuts Jerry's hair she gets a pair of shoes! I cut Luke's hair all the time and I'm getting gypped! :-)
    Nice hair cut by the way!

  3. happy birthday!
    love the new hair. can't wait to see the shoes. :)

  4. Thanks for the tip Haircut = New Shoes. Tom and I have been married for 18 years. I wonder if this is retroactive?

  5. I thought this was going to be about Jeremiah going out as an Oompah Loompah for Halloween. I'm so disappointed. And there's no way Kate's getting another reason to buy shoes!

  6. The orange shirt went well with the mug-shot hair!

  7. nice hair cut! i like the new shoes deal. can't wait to see them! i think migg and i should do that but instead of getting new shoes every time i cut his hair i think i should just get a new pair every time he cuts his own hair. :)

    great job on the birthday celebrating allison! looks like you did very well.

    miss you both!