Thursday, June 25, 2009

Only 37 more days

We have been busy little beavers the last couple of days getting things ready. First we went to REI and bought rain jackets in preparation for the monsoon season that will greet us when we arrive in Taiwan. This is Jeremiah's... mine looks similar (but is not exactly the same - we are not one of those couples that dresses alike!)

We also went to AAA to get international driving permits (no test required) that will allow us to drive for 6 months before we get Taiwanese driving licenses. Side note: I would not recommend Walgreens for passport photos.

Finally, today we drove up to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Seattle to sort out our resident visas. We could have done it through the mail, but the process was a little confusing and the website no help at all. Screwing up our visas was not something we wanted to risk and the drive was pretty quick. Once there we each filled out a form, wrote a check and handed over our passports. They will mail it all back to us in a few days.


  1. thanks for the posts! it is weird... by reading your blog, it feels like i'm living through you and doing the same things. wait...

  2. Holy cow! I can't believe you'll be gone in just over a month. Yeah, we should actually see each other sometime! This is getting ridiculous!

  3. added you to my blog roll so i'll be following along from now on :)
    i'm so excited for you guys! it will really be lifechanging awesome.
    you might want to check out the rain pants at REI or somewhere. the ones they have here are ok but the seam can get kind of leaky =\ that's one thing i wish i got at home.